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As our dependence on the Internet and its inherent information sharing capabilities increases, tight security solutions are important to prevent attacks since these systems, maintain data, both personal and corporate. Businesses are not only seeking the ability to conduct transactions, but to do so in a secure and reliable environment.


BSISP provides consultation and implementation services to safeguard your data via assessment, remediation, design, and implementation of effective enterprise infrastructures. We develop a customized plan to secure your information and identify potential problems even before they occur.


BSISP can help you establish a data classification scheme for sensitive and critical information that includes protection and encryption requirements. Further, by integrating your existing assets and capabilities with new security management technologies, we help you develop an efficient plan that supports collaboration across the enterprise and ensure security of data.


How does a data security plan help? Here's what it offers:

1. Simplified protection of your valuable, business-critical and/or confidential data
2. Controlled data access for collaboration and sharing
3. Protection against corruption and interception with advanced encryption
4. Reduced risk of regulatory noncompliance


Our Security Solutions include:

  • Data security services
  • VPN Solutions
  • Identity and access management service
  • Physical security services
  • Secure Design services


Ensuring that your facilities are secure has always been a tough challenge. BSISP provides a comprehensive security solution that protects your business and your information.


We will show you how to digitize your physical security surveillance, while helping you reduce the time and costs required to collect and store video. Integrating digital video surveillance and analytic security technologies over your network and IT systems will help you:


* Increase the efficacy of your video monitoring systems
* Enhance assets and property safety
* Reduce the time involved in reviewing and responding to surveillance information
* Preserve the integrity of stored data


BSISP will help you plan and implement a scalable, holistic security solution reducing shrinkage from employee theft and shoplifting, centralizing the storage of digital video content for quick and easy access. We also integrate business applications to expand your systems current functionality.


BSISP wins Cisco Enterprise Partner of the Year 2010
In April 2010, Cisco Systems organized Partner Summit in Marrakech, Morocco. During this event, a Global Awards Reception was hosted where Cisco recognized the successes of its global partners and highlighted some of the special achievements by its top-performing partners worldwide. Bait Ashames was awarded “Enterprise Partner of the Year 2010 for North Africa & Levant” in recognition of its outstanding business performance.

BSISP platinum sponsor of the Cisco Libya Exhibition in Tripoli!
The Cisco Libya exhibition was held in June 2010 and was attended by important dignitaries including the Libyan Minister of Tourism, Director of the Libyan General Telecommunications Authority (GTA), and CIO of the Libyan Ministry of Education. The event showcased latest technology and solutions from Cisco Systems, and was a great success. It generated a great deal of interest for the Libyan youth who attended in large numbers..

BSISP one of the sponsors of the International Arab Conference on Information Technology at Garyounis University, Benghazi!
The International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT) is a technical scientific specialized conference. It is held periodically in the Arab homeland. All its bodies emerge from the Colleges of Computer and Information Society (CCIS), stemming from the Association of Arab Universities. Garyounis University in Benghazi was granted the opportunity to host the Arab International IT conference in its 11th session in December 2010. BSISP, along with other Libyan IT companies, was a proud sponsor of this event.

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